Warzone 2 DMZ is more like an MMO than an extraction shooter

Warzone 2’s new sandbox extraction mode has a totally different vibe than other extraction shooters I’ve played. DMZ is not like Escape From Tarkov, where other players are automatically enemies, or like Hunt: Showdown, where squad sizes are even and everyone’s competing for one prize. It’s sort of a micro MMO like GTA Online played in 30-minute chunks, where players (both grouped up and solo) roam a big map, usually traveling in different directions and mostly minding their own business until someone gets in their way.

That someone was me when I learned an important DMZ rule: If a man is sprinting straight toward you, bare fisted, with a desperate look in his eye, he probably isn’t looking for a team up. I should have guessed that ol’ Burnt_Toast575 had ill intentions when he didn’t respond to my friendly remarks. The words “wanna team up” had barely left my lips before he’d already landed three punches to my gobsmacked face. Burny-T wasn’t looking for friendship. He only had eyes for my shiny gun, and a few punches later he got it.

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