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The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. No, it’s not Free Cake Day. No, it’s not Money Grows on Trees Day. No, it’s not Give Everyone a Pizza Day. It’s not even time for this week’s episode of the five-star VG247 Podcast. It’s better than all of those (except maybe the podcast). That’s right… it’s VG247 Reader Survey Day. Back of the net, etc!

There’s not much more to say, really. It’s a survey about you, so it’ll ask you about things like the gaming systems you own, what other websites you read, if PGR is your favourite racing series/game series of all time. This will help us know who we are writing for. It’s all anonymous, but if we get more than 100 responses I’m going to assume one of you is an at-minimum C-list celeb – wouldn’t be on the The Masked Singer US, but would be first on the booking sheet for the UK version.

Go ahead and fill it in, it’s just below this bit of text. If you don’t want to, well why did you click into this article in the first place? It’s probably got the most un-clickbait headline we’ve written in 10 years.

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