Uh oh, people are now using AI to cheat in Rocket League

this_was_a_bot_in_c3_doubles_for_sure_in_oce from r/RocketLeague

I was skeptical when I came across a Reddit poster claiming they “for sure” encountered a cheater in ranked Rocket League. Uh huh, just like how everyone who kills me in Rainbow Six Siege is “for sure” aimbotting, right? Then I watched the video. Well friends, I regret to inform you that people are cheating in Rocket League.

The alleged cheater was actually on the same team as ghost_snyped, the Reddit user who posted the clip (opens in new tab) embedded above, which shows the cheater’s perspective for part of a doubles match. I’ve been playing Rocket League for seven years and I have never seen a human being play like that at any rank. There are masterful Rocket League dribblers out there, but it’d be unusual for a skilled player to stay so rooted to the field—most throw in some aerial maneuvers here and there—and to carry and flick the ball that flawlessly. 

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