TikTok roleplayers have made a viral game out of trading with capitalism cats

Roleplaying is popular on TikTok, though normally it means someone dresses up in cosplay to make a video where they welcome you to their fantasy tavern (opens in new tab), or maybe offer you a quest (opens in new tab). Over the last month, a new kind of roleplaying trend has overtaken the platform. It’s called “dabloons”, and the hashtag has over 730 million views (opens in new tab).

TikToker Sweezy (opens in new tab) claims the credit for starting it, having posted a slideshow (opens in new tab) that offers the hungry viewer a hamburger and ends with the punchline that it’ll cost you “4 dabloons”, as demanded by a cat holding up four claws. (An image that had previously become a meme on Instagram (opens in new tab).) Others continued the gag with slideshows and videos offering bowls of fresh stew, soup, or entire RPG shopping experiences (opens in new tab), while yet others featured cats and other characters (opens in new tab), but mostly cats, who handed out the imaginary currency instead.

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