This PC-only RPG looks like Assassin’s Creed: China, except you can put down your sword and get a normal job

Based on the Gamescom announcement trailer, Where Winds Meet looks like an Assassin’s Creed-sized undertaking, so it’s a little surprising that I’ve never heard of its developer, Everstone Studio. I have heard of the studio’s backer, though. Where Winds Meet is being published by NetEase, the second largest game publisher in China, so we can at least assume that it is the big-budget open world RPG it appears to be.

It looks cool, too, and I almost didn’t notice it during Gamescom Opening Night Live. Although the trailer starts with a poem by Southern Tang ruler Li Yu, and I am fond of Chinese poetry (give some Meng Chiao a read sometime), it’s all a bit sleepy, so I tuned out. At around 1:22, though, the trailer switches to gameplay, and we see a character strolling through a city. The footage looks a bit jaggy and artifacted, but ignoring that, it’s a subtly impressive scene, with around three dozen locals going about their business in a small area.

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