The Dead Space remake is too scary for its own technical director

The real test of a great horror game is playing it in the dark. Things that don’t seem too bad while friendly Mr. Daystar is shining through the window become worrying at night. The last time I got so creeped out I needed to save my game and do something else before bed was Signalis, and I remember doing the same thing in the scarier levels of Thief: The Dark Project. With luck, the Dead Space remake might be another for that list.

“When I’m playing it at night, I can’t play it with headphones. It’s just too fucking scary,” technical director David Robillard told PLAY Magazine (opens in new tab) in a recent interview. “Just the amount of realism and, again, atmosphere. Not just visually, right? In the way we handle sound, ambience, effects, having systems that will try to spook you.”

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