Netflix throws Resident Evil on the endless pile of shows it’s cancelled

If it’s a Netflix show released post-2018 or so, you can probably bet on it being cancelled, and that’s just what has happened to Resident Evil.

Another day, another headline that reads ‘Netflix cancels insert show you probably like here,’ this time that particular show being Resident Evil. As reported by Deadline, Netflix has decided against renewing the show for a second season, only a month and a half after it was released on July 14.

As noted by Deadline, the show didn’t have a particularly strong showing in Netflix’s top 10, and points out that Netflix determines if it renews a show based on cost vs. viewing. But as always, how many people actually watched the show is a complete mystery, as Netflix, like essentially all streaming services, don’t release viewing numbers at all, not even giving them to showrunners.

The show did hit the second spot in the top 10 listing, with around 72.2 million hours viewed in its opening weekend, a weird and arbitrary number to measure anything by, but it was the second and third weeks which failed to bring in more viewers that put the bullet in the head for the show by the sounds of things.

However, Resident Evil isn’t the only video game adaptation Netflix has or is even working on. Earlier this year an animated adaptation of Cuphead was released, just recently receiving a fresh batch of episodes. Though it should be noted that this doesn’t appear to be a complete new season, as an artist that previously worked on the show noted earlier this year that all the episodes were made as a single season.

Netflix is also working on an adaptation of Horizon Zero Dawn, with rival streaming service Amazon Prime working on another PlayStation owned project, God of War.

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