Game Informer’s Holiday Buying Guide 2022

M90 Mini Blaster

Get ready to stand outside your crush’s window and blast some Peter Gabriel. On second thought, don’t do that, it’s creepy; but do consider checking out this remarkable piece of throwback nostalgia. The original M90 boombox released in 1981 was the height of incredible sound for your preferred music. This replica is roughly 60 percent the size of the original, but features a wealth of authentic touches, from replica packaging to an opening cassette door with eject button. While it’s a great retro throwback, it’s no slouch as a Bluetooth speaker, pumping out 30 watts of sound from its two 3” speakers, and offering lengthy battery life as you adjust the treble, bass, balance, and volume knobs to your preferred settings. With its dual antennas, you can also rock out with the built-in FM tuner. $159


Drop + The Lord of the Rings Elvish Keyboard

Proclaim your love of Tolkien with each resonant click when you plug this lovely custom keyboard into your rig. The keyboard features a subtle, but attractive presentation of the Two Trees of Valinor, while the green hue of the compact but usable deck calls to mind the green leafy fields of Lothlórien. The keycaps are the star of the show, depicting every letter in both Elvish script and Latin (in case you’re still learning). The tactile experience is excellent, with a nice concave curve to each key and a pleasant texture that prevents slippage without overgrip. For descendants of Durin’s clan, a dwarven option is also available. $179


ZG01 Game Streaming Pack

For gamers looking for a higher level of control over their game audio, microphone output, and audio levels, Yamaha has put together a handy pack that includes an easy-to-use gaming mixer and an excellent headset. Both are available separately for a lower price. The mixer lets you play with mic settings and effects like reverb, radio voice, and pitch, along with fine-tuning game audio and chat. Meanwhile, the included YH-G01 is comfortable, light, and built around the stellar sound production of Yamaha’s long years in the field. An excellent condenser mic picks up voice with accuracy while keeping background noise to an absolute minimum. Perhaps most importantly, the combined set is much easier to set up and run than many other market mixers, setting up even relative newcomers for success. $419


Poly Studio P5 Webcam

Whether working from home, streaming, or any other video needs, a no-nonsense high-quality webcam can be worth its weight in gold. Poly’s solution offers solid auto-focus imaging and low-light compensation in a 1080p resolution with 4x digital zoom. It’s small, easy to slip on at the top of your monitor, and offers a built-in directional microphone for times you’re not using a dedicated headset. It also includes a closeable lens for privacy. No muss, no fuss. $80


PS5 Gray Camouflage Console Cover

Sony just launched an entire new collection of PS5 accessories in this gray camouflage aesthetic. If you’ve been looking for a change of pace from the stark white, it’s a fun way to change things up. So far, most of the official options have been solid colors, so it’s nice to see something with a bit more texture. If you decide to take the plunge, make sure and snag the correct version for disc-drive or disc-free console versions, as it makes a difference. To go all in, you can also track down a new DualSense controller and Pulse3D headset in the same style, at which point you’ll be more than ready for whatever a game throws at you. $55


MEG Trident X 12th Gen Gaming PC

For PC gamers who aren’t ready to build from scratch, finding a rig that hits all your needs can be challenging without overtaxing the budget. Any way you approach it, it’s a significant investment. We were impressed with MSI’s new Trident X series, which offers a compact 10-liter volume that isn’t going to overwhelm your space but impressed in performance above its weight class. Attractive styling and RGB lighting give way to easy-open door sides that make for easy customization. The model we tested ran high-end games with aplomb and notably, very quietly. Do your research as you configure your specific options, but the core machine here is well worth a look if you’re willing to make a significant investment. Starting at $2,400


Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick

Setting a new high-water mark for the competition to beat, the Victrix Pro FS is the definitive joystick for the most discerning and engaged fighting game enthusiasts. With Street Fighter 6 on the horizon, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better controller. Available in a sleek form factor with a purple or white finish, the entire device feels premium, from the ergonomic tilt of the wrist slope to the rounded edges. Buttons are incredibly reactive, and the stick itself is responsive and solid. It’s weighty enough to stay stable on the table but light enough to carry around with the integrated handles – simply a standout performer in every category. The Pro FS is compatible with PS5, PS4, or PC. $399


PowerA Controller-Charging Base For Switch

If you do a lot of multiplayer gaming on your Switch, you’re likely used to the dilemma of finding the best ways to get your various controllers and Joy-Cons plugged in to get batteries back up to full charge. PowerA’s affordable solution offers you two Joy-Con slots and a dedicated controller plug-in (for the likes of a Pro controller). Charge lights let you know when each device is ready to go, and the low-profile stand itself is weighty enough to stay in place and do its job. $30

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